Class Descriptions

30 Min Morning Salutations


Betty will lead you through a packed 30 minutes of Sun Salutations A + B, deep floor hip and hamstring stretches followed by a 5-7 minute seated meditation.  A great way to start your day!  

Asana + Yoga Nidra with Kevan


Join Kevan in this Special One time Asana + Yoga Nidra Class Wed March 3rd from 4.30-6 pm

Community Class


Community classes are just what they sound like, for the community! We are given the opportunity to cross paths with those we may otherwise not, building more connections and profound experiences for teachers and students alike. 

Each Saturday at 11 am we will offer rotating instructors for only $5 a class.  Most instructors are graduates from the Fluid Yoga Teacher Training Program.

Green Tara 30 Min Sadhana Meditation (Only for Tara Empowered Students)


This Green Tara Sadhana Practice is led alternatively by Jamie Russell and Betty Riaz

It is available for those empowered with the Green Tara Empowerment Led by Khenpo Migmar Tseten

Weekly 30 min practice.

Nejang - Tibetan Yogic Breathing Practice


Welcome to Nejang,

Nejang in Tibetan means Secret Abode.  During this 30 min breathing practice, we will strengthen the breath and the body through 24 small physical movements.  Join Betty in this invigorating class.