Marrakech Morocco with Kevan & Jamie

Marrakech, Morocco • Oct 5 - 11 2024

Experience the magic of Marrakech, Morocco

LocationMarrakech, Morocco

Teachers/Facilitators: Kevan & Jamie

Experience the magic of Marrakech, Morocco on an unforgettable yoga retreat with Kevan and Jamie. Step into a world of ancient traditions, vibrant colors and mesmerizing landscapes.  Each day will begin with yoga and meditation sessions set against the backdrop of a sprawling olive orchard. Find serenity, balance and deepen your yoga practice all while connecting to the culture and landscape of Morocco. 


Savor the spices and flavors of Moroccan cuisine with daily healthy vegetarian meals. Deepen your connection with Moroccan culture, by participating in an organic cooking class where you will learn the secrets of preparing traditional Moroccan cuisine. Discover flavorful tagines, fragrant couscous and refreshing mint tea using organic, locally sourced ingredients. Immerse yourself in the aromas, flavors and techniques that define Moroccan gastronomy and take home the skills to recreate these culinary delights. 


Enjoy a guided tour of Marrakech’s ancient medina, where history comes alive through narrow winding streets, bustling souks and architectural wonders. Explore centuries-old palaces, mosques and vibrant marketplaces. Try your hand at negotiating prices with street vendors and watch cobra tamers entertain spectators in the central square. Let the vibrant sights, scents and sounds of the medina awaken your sense and inspire you.  


Venture beyond the city’s borders on a mesmerizing day trip to the Atlas Mountains, where breathtaking vistas and tranquil landscapes await. We will take a picturesque hike surrounded by snow-capped peaks, through lush valleys and cascading waterfalls. Along the way we will visit a traditional Berber village where you will gain insight into the local way of life and be embraced by warm hospitality. 


Indulge in moments of pure relaxation and pampering as you experience a traditional Moroccan hammam and a soothing massage. 


Join us on this retreat and you will be surrounded by the enchanting beauty of Morocco, the vibrant energy and welcoming people. Prepare to be inspired by the blend of ancient traditions and modern influences as we explore this beautiful country. 

Where will this take place: We will be staying in a beautiful hotel nestled in a 9-acre olive orchard about 20 minutes outside the bustling Medina of Marrakech. 

Who may attend? All are welcome to join this retreat.  Yoga classes will be all levels and and all outings and activities are optional. 

Travel Insurance: We highly recommend travel insurance for all retreats. If you are looking for a company we suggest World Nomad. We are not affiliated with the company we have just heard good things from retreat participants who have used their services.

Weather: October in Marrakech is very comfortable. Expect daytime highs to range from mid 70's to low 80's and evening lows in the mid 60's. 

Other useful details: Arabic is the official launguage of Morocco however many people in Marrakech will also speak French. English will be spoken in the main tourist areas and shops but come prepared with google translate if you don't speak French or Arabic just in case. The Moroccan Dirham is the local currency and the approximate conversion is 1 USD to 10 Dirham.  In many places cash will be needed to make purchase so if you plan to shop consider bringing cash. Some places you will be able to pay cash in US dollars and receive change back in Moroccan Dirham. There are ATM machines available in the medina however we recommend bringing cash in USD and you can always take back home what isn't spent.  US debit cards and credit cards will be accepted in larger establishments namely Visa and MasterCard over AmEx.

Room Options

$3,195 Shared Room (with ensuite bathroom)

$3,995 Single Room (with ensuite bathroom)

What's Included

  • Daily Yoga + Meditation
  • Healthy vegetarian meals 
  • Guided tour of Marrakech medina
  • Organic cooking class in traditional Moroccan cuisine
  • Day trip/hike in the Atlas Mountains
  • Traditional hammam + massage 
  • Transportation to/from all group activities
  • Airport transfers if flying in/out at recommended times

What's Not Included

  • Flights to Marrakech 
  • One lunch out in the medina
  • Alcohol 
  • Extra activities or on-site massages or spa services at the hotel


Fly in and out of Marrakech airport (RAK)

The retreat will begin mid-day on Saturday October 5th. For people traveling from the US you will depart on Friday October 4th and most likely take an overnight flight to europe and then a short flight from the UK, Portugal or Spain to Marrakech on the morning of Saturday October 5th. Plan your departing flight for late morning/early afternoon on Friday October 11th. 

If you plan to travel on our own before/after our retreat plan to arrive in Marrakech Saturday October 5th late morning/early afternoon. Plan your departure on Friday October 11th between 10am and noon. 

Please reach out with specific questions if you'd like help booking flights or coordinating travel times. 

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