The Power within: Workshop series with Betty and Jamie

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Sunday 08/25/2024 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm
$50.00 The Power Within: Arm Balance Workshop

Defy gravity and uncover the secrets of yoga arm balances! This workshop series gives you the opportunity to explore new levels of strength, confidence, and self-discovery with balance and ease. Come for one or all three parts! Attendance is limited, sign up today to reserve your spot. 

Investment: $50 per session in the series. $150 total if you attend all 3.

Sunday June 9th: Arm Balances

Sunday August 25th: Handstands 3 ways

Sunday TBD: Inversion Transitions 

During the workshop, you will explore techniques for building upper body and core strength, refining alignment, and conquering fear through gradual progression and encouraging guidance from Betty and Jamie. You will also discover how these empowering poses can symbolize the ability to overcome challenges and cultivate a sense of confidence on and off your mat.

Part 1: June 9th: Arm Balances

Poses covered: 

-Crow and side crow: Kakasana
-8 Limb pose: Astavakrasana
-Flying Pigeon: Eka Pada Galavasana
-Headstand: Salamba Shirshasana
-Forearm stand: pincha mayurasana
-And many more 

Pat 2: August 25th, Handstands three different ways. 

Poses covered: 

-Learn how to build strength and prepare for a safe handstand
-How to handstand From down dog
-How to handstand from single leg kicks and split leg kicks

Part 3: Date TBD: Transitions: 

Poses covered: 

-Formidable Face Pose: Ganda Bherundasana
-Scorpion: Vrishchika
-Handstand variations
-Headstand to lotus
-Crow to headstand

Betty Riaz

Since 2009, Betty has connected and shared the teachings of healing and spiritual practices of the Tibetan Yogic Tradition. Her mission is to help others through her work at Stil Studio, teaching yoga and mindfulness, healing bodywork and leading global retreats. She is co-owner of Stil Studio & Terma Goods, both located in Historic Downtown Dedham. She is eternally grateful to her teachers from the Tibetan Vajrayana practices; Khenpo Lama Migmar Tsetsen, Kevan Gale, Dr. Eric Rosenbush and Dr. Nida Chenagtsang.

Jamie Russell

Jamie is an E-RYT 500 hour Fluid Yoga teacher and educator in the Fluid Yoga school.  Introduced to the benefits of physical movements at a very young age, Jamie evolved from a dancer and athlete to an avid yoga practitioner. Incorporating the mental aspects of a meditation practice and Buddhist philosophy into her life, Jamie became a teacher of yoga in 2009 and has since dedicated her life to the practice and sharing of its benefits.   Jamie co-owns Aeemelia Skincare, a company born from the realization of feeling better when we are happy and healthy and providing handcrafted skincare made with simple products that make you feel good. Additionally, Jamie leads yoga retreats with her fellow Fluid Yoga teachers and enjoys biking and snowboarding in the mountains.