Daily Meditation Series

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Stil Pearl
644 High street
Dedham, MA 02026

Join us for our Daily Meditations Monday through Friday.

Donations of any amount accepted to support preservation of teachings for the Sakya Institute of Buddhist Studies.
Stil Ten celebrates ten years of community, friendship, dharma, yoga, meditation and love. This month we share with you the shining star of ten directions as we celebrate our ten years together as a Stil Studio Sangha. The number ten is an auspicious number within the Buddhist scriptures. Representing the buddhas of the ten directions and their protection in all directions of the compass plus heavens and below. We find buddhas represented in all the 10 gates of the universe as well as the 3 existences meaning past , present and future throughout space and time.

Our ten-pointed star also represents the ten paramitas or perfections of a Buddhist practitioner. Often the perfections are seen as either 6 or 10 paramitas. They are Generosity, Morality, Patience , Energy, Meditation, Wisdom, Skillful Means, Aspiration Spiritual Power and Knowledge.