300 hr Fluid Week Intensive

Nov 2: Fluid Shoulders: Injury Prevention for the Shoulders with Alicia

11am - 2pm

The shoulder complex doesn’t have to be so complex in your yoga practice. In this workshop we’ll discuss common injuries and the anatomy involved, and more importantly -how to avoid injury!

We’ll discuss:


-Labral tears


-Frozen shoulder



Learning will be interactive with pose breakdowns and fun activities!

Nov 2: Fluid Assisting: Refresher with Jamie

2:30pm - 5:30 pm

The shoulder complex doesn’t have to be so complex in your yoga practice. In this workshop we’ll discuss common injuries and the anatomy involved, and more importantly -how to avoid injury! We’ll discuss tendonitis, labral tears, impingement, frozen shoulder, bursitis and instability. Learning will be interactive with pose breakdowns and fun activities!

In this three-hour workshop we will cover all the principles of Fluid assisting. A great refresher for those with a prior familiarity with this methodology or a comprehensive introduction if you’d like to begin offering hands-on assists in classes. 

We will cover

· How to stabilize different postures

· Learn to follow the lines of energy of a pose

· Techniques for keeping students safe in postures while being assisted

· How to keep your body safe while offering assists

· Effective ways to communicate why you assist in class and the benefits of touch

· With plenty of time spent practicing assisting each other in various postures and offering feedback

Nov 3rd: Fluid Neck: Injury prevention for the neck with Alicia

11am - 2pm

The neck has an important role in core stability and spinal health. Not sure what’s happening with your neck in your yoga poses? This workshop will cover some common injuries such as:

-Cervical strain
-Pinched nerves
-“tech neck”

We’ll unravel some poor postural habits as well as go through pose breakdowns and fun activities. So many of us deal with stress and tightness in the neck- come find out how to unravel that stress and free the neck!

Nov 3: Fluid Assisting: Advanced postures and Inversions with Jamie

2:30pm - 5:50pm

Looking to become more comfortable with assisting students as they work into more advanced postures? We got you covered! This workshop will explore how to help students as they incorporate variations in postures like binds, standing balances, deeper expressions of postures and inversions.

We will cover

· Helping students find bound variations

· Assisting and helping students prepare for inversions (head/hand & forearm stands)

· Supporting deeper backbends

· Guiding students into deeper hip openers

· Techniques for keeping students safe in the new postures they are trying

· How to keep your body safe while offering assists

· Communicating with students through the advanced postures

Nov 4 - Teaching fluid retreats and private sessions with Jamie

9am - 4pm

In this workshop we will look at what we can offer to students besides group classes. We will cover the fundaments of running your own yoga retreats and how to work one on one with students in private sessions.

Running retreats

· What to do and what to avoid

· How much capital you’ll need

· Local vs. international

· How to schedule the time

Teaching private clients

· How to market to private clients

· How to discuss compensation and make sure you get paid on time

· Creating content for private lessons

· Building long term private client relationships

Nov 5 Beyond Yoga with Kevan Gale
9am - 4pm

Nov 6 Beyond Yoga with Kevan Gale
12 pm - 8 pm

Nov 7 Business of Yoga with Kevan Gale

9 am - 4 pm

Nov 8: Fascia Friday - Anatomy & application to yoga asana w/Alicia

10 am - 5 pm

The fascial system is an interconnected web below the skin’s surface and deeper, that creates a “tensegrity” network to the body. It distributes force throughout the body giving movements fluidity. It’s been described as the fabric of the body. In this workshop we’ll breakdown the functional lines of fascia as they apply to the yoga asana. We’ll take the perspective of looking at these functional lines as a way to simplify the anatomy in order to move deeper and stronger into the body.

Nov 9: Fluid hips: injury prevention for hips with Alicia

11am - 2 pm

The Hips are the movers & stabilizers of the lower extremities. Your yoga practice can help you find both mobility and stability to support your whole body and all your daily activities. In this workshop we’ll go over common misconceptions about poses, sensations and what “hip opening” means. Common injuries such as hip impingement, bursitis and snapping hip syndrome total hip replacement and more will be discussed.

Nov 10 Fluid Sequencing with Jamie

11am - 2 pm

This workshop will cover ways to become more comfortable and inspired by sequencing of classes. We will have:

· Tangible take homes to incorporate in the next classes you teach

· Time to create and practice new ways to sequencing and teaching posture

Nov 10: Fluid Knees: Injury Prevention for the Knees w/Alicia

2:30 pm - 5:30 pm

Whether we’re standing, kneeling or sitting we’re asking a lot from our knees in both strength and flexibility. Sometimes they click, give out, or just won’t bend! In this workshop we’ll cover common issues like:


-Meniscal tears

-Knee cap mal-tracking


-Total knee replacement

We’ll also cover how to avoid perpetuating these issues, causing an injury, and how to use our yoga practice to heal our knees.

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