Danielle Delvecchio

Danielle DelVecchio is a Spiritual Advisor, Holistic Healing Intuitive, and Energy Transformation Facilitator who bridges the gap between mind, body, and spiritual wellness. She is a 200 hr RYT, a KRI level 1 certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor, an Institute of Integrative Nutrition Holistic Health Coach, Reiki practitioner, and Sound Healer. She is also an I AM Yoga Nidra facilitator. Danielle is the creator of the Divine Nourishment Lifestyle where her studies and experience mentoring hundreds of women offers a 360-degree holistic approach to optimal wellbeing through the art and science of transformation. She began her career in 2011 within the nutrition, fitness, functional medicine, and holistic health space. Beginning in 2015 she journeyed her way on into studying energy healing, the chakra system, shamanism, inner child and shadow work, learning and utilizing many forms of ancient wisdom, while understanding and connecting to the power of Quantum Physics. She uses sound as vibrational medicine, visualization, breathwork, meditation, yoga, kundalini energy work, earth medicine, narrative work, and the art of stillness to connect with the innate vibrancy and wholeness of our authentic self. She is here to share these practices with you in the form of Reiki, Sound Healing, specific forms of yoga and meditation, chakra psychology, holistic health modalities, and through worldwide events and retreat immersions. Her intention is to hold sacred space for you in a shawl of light and unconditional love as you reclaim all the pieces of yourself you have lost along your journey, awaken your soul, and become whole again.