why yoga?

Why Yoga?

• Tone your body
• Increase flexibility
• Improves your zzz’s
• Boost your confidence
• Reduce stress
• Deepen your mind/body connection
• It’ll rock your world!


Sign Up for Classes in 3 Easy Steps

1. Log on to stilstudio.com/schedule
2. Choose your ID and password
3. Click on a class
Not a techie? Call 781-407-9642.
Our staff will gladly sign you up!


10 Mindful Studio Habits

1. Check in at the front desk, introduce yourself, our special guest.
2. Place your items in lockers instead of studio floor.
3. We appreciate our quiet cell phone free yoga space, please.
4. A clean mat eliminates germy downward dogs!
5. Our neighbors love when you share your parking space.
6. Arrive on time, and if fashionably late , please enter after the OM…
7. Savasana is dessert for the mind
8. A clean body represents a clean soul.
9. Embrace your community with wide open arms.
10. Love & Care for our sacred space as much as we do!