kevan gale



Kevan’s yogic journey began in 1995 while attending a semester at NOLS in the remote wilderness of Southern Utah. During this time, Kevan discovered that the journey through awe-inspiring nature can lead to enormous changes in the mind. This lifelong pursuit of mind training naturally drew Kevan into the yogic path. His dynamic and Fluid classes are an expression of meditative movement and that all things are fluid by nature.

His wish to pursue the Fluid Nature of all things goes beyond asana teachings. Through discovering a Fluid way of living, Kevan believes the tools for liberating happiness can be found through the essentials of mind training, living a life full of gratitude and spreading the dharma of teachings far and wide.

Kevan has been featured in the Emmy-Award winning news program Chronicle, Stuff magazine, Boston magazine, and others.

Kevan has taught large-scale classes throughout New England and beyond; including the DeCordova Museum and Sculpture Park, Boston’s Liberty Hotel, Boston’s Museum of Fine Arts, Lululemon’s Salutation Nation and Yoga Reaches Out.

He also leads Teacher Training for Fluid Yoga at Stil Studio and workshops around the nation. In 2011, Kevan released his first instructional DVD. To learn more, visit or practice online with Kevan at and