Fluid Yoga®



Intelligent by Design, Fluid by Nature

Fluid: is a substance that continually flows under an applied stress; smooth, flowing, graceful

Fluid is not a style, it is a recognition of life as ever changing, flowing from one moment to the next. It’s a way of life.

Nothing is softer and more flexible than water, yet nothing can resist it ~ Lao Tzu

Fluid Class

Fluid yoga classes dynamically link the flowing nature of the breath with mindful continual movement. This heat building flow will not only increase strength and flexibility, but will train the mind to be more content and relaxed throughout the most difficult challenges on and off the mat. Following the universal elements, we will become grounded and refine our balance with the earth element, explore flowing movement and grace with the water element, build core strength and detoxify the body with the fire element, control our breath and train the mind the air element and relax and rejuvenate the spirit in shavasana with the space element.

Fluid Modules

Fluid Body – an approach to movement that allows for freedom and exploration while aligning the body in a safe and efficient manner. Unlike a mechanical or precision based alignment, this approach of movement honors the dynamic nature of the yoga practice and keeps the body safe without disrupting the flow. With simplicity in mind, Fluid Body provides students and teachers with easy methods for understanding safe alignment. Acknowledging that the safest alignment starts within the mind, you will learn how to listen carefully to your own body to make the intuitive adjustments that your body needs in the present moment.

Fluid Mind – Is it possible to become happier and more content by letting go of fear, craving and attachment? Fluid Mind infuses a Tibetan Buddhist approach to mind training to help us become more present and adaptable to change, and ultimately discover a happier way of living. In this module, we will learn the science behind mind training, the four foundations of practice, and meditations including: shamata, loving kindness and tong-len. Additionally, we will explore the benefits of yoga nidra (yogi sleep) and deep relaxation exercises.

Fluid Spirit – We often think of life as static snapshots that are put together to form a bigger picture but in reality the nature of life is flowing from one moment to the next. Since life is fluid, we would all benefit from discovering a state of mind that allows us to move with the forces of nature instead of against them. Fluid Living teaches us to move effortlessly through life in a way that creates happiness within ourselves and spreads to those around us. This module uses experiential learning and real world examples while drawing on the ancient Tibetan yogic philosophies such as the Six Paramitas as outlined in The Bodhisattva’s Way of Living.

Fluid Teaching

Fluid Teaching recognizes that teaching, like life, is a dynamic and moving experience and that each of us has something unique and special to offer. Our approach to teaching provides you with the tools needed to become a great teacher and bring the best of your experiences, talents and offerings to light. In this training you will learn:

  • Sequencing
  • Cueing
  • Art of Assisting
  • Anatomy
  • Elements of a great class
  • Postural breakdowns
  • Living the teachings
  • Business of Yoga

and much more!

Additionally, you will join a strong community of like minded teachers who will support you every step along the way. The relationships you form will last a lifetime!